Public Talks

Claire has more than a decade's worth of experience delivering guided tours of the night's sky. These shows are fully flexible and can be adapted for a range of audiences (group size, ages, experience etc). Her Park in the Dark series typically runs twice a year in green spaces in and around Exeter. Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing this event to your district of the city.

Claire also regularly provides talks on astronomy to varied audiences on subjects including:

  • how stars and their planets form;
  • the astronomical field of interferometry;
  • the benefits of infrared astronomy;
  • her experiences as a woman in astronomy/physics/science;
  • her experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual in astronomy/physics/science;
  • the need for better diversity and inclusion across science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine;
  • the Rosetta comet-landing mission.

  • For bookings and enquiries, please use Claire's contact details at the bottom of this page.